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We're in the process of setting up the daily schedule for training at Grace Village. Do you have a skill or experience in an area you think the guests at Grace Village could benefit from? Call me let's find your place to plug-in!
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Our heart beats to serve Jesus Christ, the one and only capable of saving our souls and offering us an eternity of fellowship with our Creator who loves us beyond comprehension. His call is to serve Him by serving serving others, especially the ones who struggle through this earthly life to have their NEEDS met.  When we pour our lives into others we can lighten the burdens of fellow humans in need - we are strengthened ourselves by God’s grace - we build the kingdom of God - and we glorify Him!

Come along side us to become like Christ - and we are most like Him when we give ourselves away to invest in those in need.  Whether you serve side by side with us at Perry Volunteer Outreach through giving your time, skills or resources - or - if you choose another avenue to give - experience the indescribable joy of service to our holy, gracious and loving God.

You’ll never be the same.

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