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We're in the process of setting up the daily schedule for training at Grace Village. Do you have a skill or experience in an area you think the guests at Grace Village could benefit from? Call me let's find your place to plug-in!
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Grace Village

Grace Village is celebrating three years of ministry!!!

Grace Village is a 24 unit women’s homeless shelter that not only offers food and shelter, but also offers 90 to 120 days of refuge from the crises of life.  During the stay at Grace Village, lifeskills training and an atmosphere of spiritual encouragement will strengthen the women and prpare them for a successful move back into the community.  

Each day will begin with a 30- minute period of group Bible study and encouragement, followed by 30 minutes of directed exercise.  The weekdays will be filled with training in a wide variety of subjects. These classes include many topics such as food preparation, household maintenance, computer skills, women’s health issues, drug education, personal hygiene and grooming, job skills and many others.  The entire program is staffed and led by volunteers with specific skills and background from the local community.

The priority of Grace Village is more than offering these women training to help them face the everyday tasks of life. The highest priority is to surround them with the compassion of Christ to let them know mthat no matter how crushing the challenges of life are - that God loves them, cares for them and counts each of them as treasures.

Please contact us at any of the following numbers for additional information or to begin the application process:

  • Perry Volunteer Outreach Office        (478)218-2274
  • Grace Village Business Office            (478)224-1688
  • Resident Manager’s Cell                    (478)918-7554
  • Business Manager’s Cell                    (478)397-3885
  • OR conatct us by e-mail:        

You can also contact us at these new e-mail addresses: